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Mention Marietta, Ohio to a race fan and the first thing you will hear is...."Dickson Country"



This all led to running the Indy cars where Larry had 9 starts in 13 tries in the Indy 500, the elite in racing.  Larry also added 3USAC sprint car titles to his resume over the next several years setting records everywhere he raced.

On the local scene in the Ohio Valley, Paul Dickson continued to race until in the early 1960's when an accident at Ohio Valley Speedway ended his racing career.  But, there was another younger brother,


Tom who had been racing stock cars locally just waiting for his turn in the family race car.  That turn came sooner than expected when Paul got hurt.  Tom stepped into the family car and in a short time was running among the best the area had to offer.  The family stepped it up a bit by buying a car from Lou Blaney in Ohio and Tom's career took off immediately.  Traveling more and more, winning at many tracks it was only natural that Tom wanted to follow in brother Larry's footsteps to the big track and the Indy 500.  By now it was the 1970's, and Tom was racing for out of town owners, Marsh Stables Team and the Gill's Team out of northern Ohio were cars Tom was running.  Tom had had a few starts in USAC and was just about ready to make the jump into big time racing when an accident at a northern Ohio track would end a very successful and what looked to be a bright future ahead


But, there seems to be no end of the Dickson racing clan.  Paul had a son Mark who began racing locally.  Mark and his brother Todd teamed up for years successfully.  Then Mark’s son, Travis Dickson, who now race locally with success.  You would think that's enough Dickson involvement but it's not.  Tom, Larry and Paul had another brother Richard who had a couple sons who both raced sprint cars locally.  The oldest, Steve Dickson can be found heading up the Rahal Indy car team out of Ohio now days.  And, Steve now has a son, Bryce Dickson, who races Sprint Cars.  And Dave Dickson, (Steve's brother) who has raced for many years for Doug Abbott's sprint car team

I've left out one Dickson.  Tom's son Christopher Dickson.  Oh yeah, he's also been involved in racing.  Chris and Tom made up the father and son team racing a modified locally, successfully I might add.  That slowed down when Tom got sick a few years ago.  Tom had a lot on his plate.  Him and business partner Max Britton had a very successful USAC dirt championship team running, first with Larry Dickson driving for them.  When Larry finally quit they had several different drivers behind the wheel for the next several years.  Then, when Max passed away that left Tom with all that burden.  Tom and Max had a car dealership they ran for many years together.  Death changes a lot of things.  Not only the loss of business partners and friendships but many times it forces changes in lifestyles.  When Tom passed away a few years ago, Chris lost not only his father but a racing partner, business partner and his best friend.  All racing fans know, that once you get that "racing" in your blood it's impossible to get away from it.  So, now today, Chris maintains his "Dickson Racing Shocks" business as a way of keeping his racing blood flowing.  And I don't think there is a better representative in the Ohio Valley to keep that racing fever and knowledge going than Chris at Dickson Racing Shocks.