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*Included in the price of a brand new set of shocks is a complementary fluid change and cleaning after 10 to 15 races during the race season. Does not include off season rebuilds.



Why do you want to improve the most successful shock in the history of the company? Because were always striving to push the boundaries, making better products is what drives us each and every day.  The RS-12 Gas Shock has won back to back USAC National Sprint Car Championships but we knew we could make it even better.  The RS-MTX will replace the RS-12 gas shock for 2015.  The MTX boasts several new features that separate it from the 12.  A revised Body Cap for better clearance, new linear digressive piston provides better compression control, and a lighter more aesthetically pleasing rod end that comes ready for eye or cock pit adjustment.  All of this adds up to the ultimate mono tube shock for 2015

Body: 6061-T6 Threaded Aluminum

Shaft: Machined Steel, Hardened, Ground and CSI "Gold" Coated

Piston: CSI High Flow / CSI 6 port L/D

Basevalve: Tuned Basevalve Assembly

Eyelet:  Aluminum with Premium Spherical Bearing

4 Shock Single Adjustable package - $2,599


SPRINT CAR Large Body Twin Tube Non-Adjustable

The vision of the RS-15LT was to provide a wing sprint car shock that was consistent night after night and had the valving characteristics needed for the modern day tire.  We went to the drawing board in the summer of 2013 and started working on prototype parts.  The end product is our all new RS-15LT Shock, a large body twin tube non-adjustable shock.  The prototype “LT” won numerous WoO and ASCS races in early in 2014 with drivers Seth Bergman and Joey Saldana being the main test pilots.  Key design elements include a independent rebound and compression bleed circuit,  improved tunable basevalve, low drag seals, friction reduction CSI "gold” shaft coating, premium steel race spherical bearing.

  • Body: Forged Anodized Aluminum
  • Shaft: Machined Steel, Hardened, Ground and CSI "Gold" Coated
  • Piston: CSI Dynamic Spring
  • Base valve: Tuned  Jet Basevalve
  • Eyelet:  Aluminum with Premium Spherical Bearing

4 shock package single-adjustable - $1,875
8 shock package non-adjustable - $1,995
10 shock package non-adjustable - $2,495


SPRINT CAR Small Body Twin Tube Adjustable and Non Adjustable

Several new design elements make the RS-15 a must have for the upcoming season.   We’ve completely re-designed the basevalve assembly resulting in a more robust and repeatable unit, in addition we’ve lightened the body cap, upgraded the shaft seal, and improved our piston selection.  If a small body twin tube shock is what you desire you won’t find a nicer one on the market.

  • Body: 6061-T6 Threaded Aluminum
  • Shaft: Machined Steel, Hardened, Ground and CSI "Gold" Coated
  • Piston: CSI Tall Port or CSI 6 Port L/D
  • Basevalve: 3 port Tuned Basevalve Assembly
  • Eyelet: Aluminum with Premium Spherical Bearing

4 shock package single-adjustable - $1,595
8 shock package non-adjustable - $1,895
10 shock package non-adjustable - $2,395


Open Wheel Dirt Modified

Competition Suspension, Inc., approached the dirt modified market with the same passion and intensity that won them championships and races worldwide with sprint cars and midgets.  The M-90 shock features a precision machined steel body with enlarged gas chamber for minimal gas pressure gain throughout the range of travel.  Every M-90 is built with a tuned basevalve assembly, allowing us to run lower gas pressures an increase grip in the slickest of track conditions.  We have several billet aluminum piston designs to meet every driver and chassis combination’s needs.  The M-90 can be run with or without a Schrader Valve, and is available in 7 and 9” strokes.  As always each shock we build is backed by our industry leading customer support.

  • Body: Machined Steel
  • Shaft: Machined Steel, Hardened, Ground and CSI "Gold" Coated
  • Piston: CSI Quad Port / CSI Enhanced Flow
  • Basevalve: Tuned Basevalve Assembly
  • Eyelet: Steel with Premium Spherical Bearing

4 shock package - $1,750
6 shock package - $2,495